Randomosities of Chantell Denise

To All The “Stop Kony” Supporters


So my eyes have just been opened up to Invisible Children and the whole “Stop Kony” promotion so I thougth I would chime in and put my 100 cents into the conversation. I am all for Africa and the Pan-African movement and everything Africa related. But what about the Konys on the street corners of NY, DC and Cali? Why cant we create videos and raise money and do all of these promos and rallies to try to get the government involved in cleaning up the streets in the States? Is it a lost cause? Or do you just not care because if all the minorities in the States kill themselves off in gang wars then maybe it will help make America the power house that it once was. Are you trying to once again look like the white heros who went to save the dumb barbarack nigger folks from themselves just to turn back the hands of time and enslave my people once more? Or maybe, just maybe, this is your way of “showing” that you care when in actuality you dont give a damn about what is going on in Africa because your too concerned about having to dip into your trust fund just to avoid forclosure due to the inevitable state of this economy. Like who are you actually fooling here? There is so much that needs to be done over here yet you try to divert attention elsewhere…how dare you!? And then you’re so dumb! If the government doesn’t care about the gang wars that taken millions of innocents youth every year in the States, what makes you tink they will give a damn about the dumb barbarack nigger kids in Africa? Once again, I am all for Africa. I believe that my American born people need to wake up about Africa. But Im just laying down some facts that you, all of you Kony supporters need to wake up on. The thought is nice but think about this: How can we save someone else when we cant even save ourselves? #REALtalk